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♥ Ana Lucia + Sawyer Fans ♥
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you hittin' that?
created by xkyrie_eleisonx | _running_alone_

You want me, Hotlips?  You're going to have to come down here and get me.
created by xkyrie_eleisonx | _running_alone_

A community dedicated to the oh-so-hot CANNON couple that is Ana Lucia and Sawyer from the television show Lost. Feel free to post graphics, pictures, fanfiction, thoughts...anything as long as it relates to Ana Lucia and James "Sawyer" Ford. Just no bashing of other members. If you must put down this "'ship," Ana Lucia and/or Sawyer, at least make it constructive criticism.

I'll probably add more "rules" and info later. For now, here's my contact info:

AIM: missy42 120681
eMail: missy42_120681@hotmail.com
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