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Fanfiction - Lost: "Lips of an Angel" by missy42

Title: Lips of An Angel
Chapter: One-Shot
Author: missy42
Rating: R
Fandom: Television – Lost
'Ship: ZOMGMADHOTJUNGLESEX!!! **ahem** Ana Lucia/James "Sawyer" Ford. (Also a little Sawyer/Cass, Ana Lucia/Danny, Jack/Sarah, Jack/Ana Lucia. Sorta.)
Challenge: None
Warning: Language, sexual content
Disclaimer: Dr. Gregory House has fired this disclaimer for being a cutthroat bitch. Wait, she's back? Oh, sonofa...!
Words: 10,873
Beta-Reader: pegasi1978
Summary: Sawyer's made a life-altering change, only to realize he's in stuck in an existence he hates. Until he gets a phone call in the middle of the night that changes everything. Pre-crash AU fic based on the Hinder song "Lips of an Angel."

lips of an angel

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