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Fanfiction - Lost: "Ten 'I Love You's' - Chapter 02: The Secrets that You Keep" by missy42

Title: Seven Ten 'I Love You's'
Chapter: 02 "The Secrets that You Keep"
Author: missy42
Rating: R/M
Fandom: Television – Lost
'Ship ZOMGMADHOTJUNGLESEX!!! **ahem** Ana Lucia and James "Sawyer" Ford
Challenge: None
Warning: Language; references to sexual activity; nudity
Disclaimer: My disclaimer is nursing a raging New Years Eve hang-over. Shh! Don't wake it up!
Words: 4,870
Friendly Neighborhood Beta-Reader: firstanointed a.k.a. Osiris-Ra
Summary: Three little words. So many possibilities. Chapter 02: "When you open up your heart and the truth comes out."
Author's Note: I love this 'ship. I hate that it never really got the chance it deserved. Here are a few different scenarios of how Ana Lucia and Sawyer just might have told one another that they love each other. I've tried to make it so that they kind of flow together, but they're not necessarily part of one larger story. In fact, if I've done this right, then the situations in each chapter can stand by itself. So, take each chapter as a variation of the same thing, or vignettes in one big piece of fluff. Chapter 02: Holy cow, has it been over a year? Okay, so here's the thing. I had every chapter of this fic written. Key word is had. Because shortly after posting the first chapter, the plot bunnies started attacking. I really really wanted to get them down before posting the next chapter. Because with me, if I post a chapter of a story before I finish the whole thing, it'll never get finished. So part of the delay was because I was working on the new chapters. Hence this fic has now changed from "Seven 'I Love You's'" to "Ten 'I Love You's.'" As for this particular chapter, I had planned on posting this much earlier. But after getting the beta'ed version back from the lovely firstanointed/Osiris-Ra, I realized there were a few parts that I really needed to re-work and expand on. It's really much better now because of that, so a million thanks to firstanointed/Osiris-Ra. I hope you all enjoy this next installment, and a Happy New Year to all of you!

Chapter 01: Falling is Like This - How was it she was always able to turn things around so that he was the one left reeling? No woman was supposed to be able to do that to him. He was supposed to do that to them. He was Sawyer, damnit!

Chapter 02: The Secrets that You Keep - Okay, Ana Lucia. Don't panic. Just calm down, she told herself. He was sleeping, right? Maybe this isn't what you think.

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